Barbed Wire
Memories of Stalag 383



The Men




Some People may be mentioned more than once.


M.N. McKibbin (author of the book Barbed Wire: Memories of Stalag 383)
Bert Gilbert
Alfred Tuck
Frank Moore
Jim Tyre (Australian)
John Newby (Liverpool)(ex lorry driver)
Charley Patterson (New Zealand gunner)(ex shipping clerk)
Fred Perry (Royal Engineer)
Jack and Bill Welch (brothers)(Sergeants Rifle Brigade) - made escape attempt
CSM A.E."Ginger" Darling (camp actor Princess Louises Kensington Reg.
- captured Dunkirk
Major Neal (Senior Medical Officer)
David MacKenzie S.Q.M.S. (camp leader)
Terry Daler (camp wrestler)
Jakey Ross (camp boxer)
Pop Gilbey (ex Policeman)
Simon called "Kitehawk"
Bill Spink (captured at Salonika)
Mr. Boswick (camp rabbit keeper)
Carl Menti (Romanos)
Arthur Dallimore (Dal)(Australian artist)
Alan Burford (5 Company)(camp magician)
Gilbert Horrabin (9 Company Hut 28)
John Moore (9 Company Hut 28)(Aussie radio announcer)
Mick Moore (Lancashire)(ex bus driver)(Mart capitalist/businessman)
Topper Brown (Marter)
Lawrence "Talkie" Turkington (Stalag bookie, showman and auctioneer)
Diamond Jim (Maori)(Stalag gambler)
Messrs. Hodges and Chase (camp photographers)
Bill Spink (camp verboten radio operator)
Sergt. Miles-Osborne
Dennis Whiteley (camp band leader)
Hugh Cameron (camp m.c.)
Davie Laird (camp band leader)
Spike Keble (camp band leader)
Dave Shearer (camp dance master)
Frank Felix (captured at Salonkia)
Teddy Laws (camp actor)
Sam Scrivens (camp boxer)
Jock MacKenna (camp boxer)
Snowy Wright (camp wrestler)
Duggie Thwaites (Aussie)(camp champion wrestler)
Jimmy Seed (camp gym expert)
Arthur Bennett (mart owner and bookie)
Tim Madden (Simple Simon)(mart owner and bookie)
Jack Lindsay (editor of camp magazine Spectator)
Jim Welch (cartoonist of camp magazine Spectator)
John Rymer (camp symphony orchestra musician)
Ben Sorrell (camp symphony orchestra musician)
Bob Jarvis (Aussie)(professional actor)
Rob Teather (character actor)
Sergt. Bill Eadie (actor)
Bert Harris (actor)
Stan Hawkins (actor)
Teddy Laws (actor)
Bernard Cockroft (actor)
Stan Long (actor)
Robin Owen (professional actor)
Terence Cook (actor)
Jack Harris (Aussie)(comedian)
Jimmy Duncan (actor)
Dave Tulip (actor)
Don "Pinkie" Smith (actor)
Sam Brierley (actor)
Taffy Sanders (actor)
John MacKay (actor)
Elwyn Jones (actor)
William Kemp
John Mallory (club member)
John Hamilton (club member)
"Basher" McLean (Gaelic Society)
Cpl. Nogan
Stan Long
Fred Parker
- Fincham (Secretary of the Perth Club)
Jackie Ross
"Dodger" Rodgers (Burns Club maestro)
"Yank" Johnson (Talks and Debates circle)
Basil Marin (taught French and Spanish)
S/Sergt. "Sammy" Mattatia
John McTigue
Roy Veryard (sports school)
Sergt. A.E. White "Blanco" (Secretary of St. Johns Ambulance Brigade)(escapee)
C.S.M. Savage (bee keeper)
Padre Grant (bee keeper)
Jock Kane (war reviewer)
Edgar, Marten, Lindsay, MacMasters, Mallory, Ross (speakers)
Arthur Hill (Secretary of the Talk and Debates Circle)
Keith "Scoop" Hooper (Aussie)(journalist)
"Froggie" Bourne
"Sailor" Brown (Aussie)(PT instructor)
Bert Gilbert
John (hid in the hills in Crete for a year before capture)
Captain France (M.O.)
Sgt. Honeyset
"Cracker" King

Michael McCallen (R.A.S.C. Kings Regiment)(escape committee)
B.Q.M.S. Norman Drummond (escapee)(managed to get 450kms to Vienna by train dressed as a Professor and his wife in May 1944)
Corp. Eddie Freestone (escapee)(managed to get 450kms to Vienna by train dressed as a Professor and his wife in May 1944)
Irvine Poppa (Palestinian)(assisted escapees)
Keith Gadd (assisted escapees)
Harry Morgan (assisted escapees)
Stan Hawkins (assisted escapees)(tailor)
Tubby Jaggers (assisted escapees)(stall owner)
Jack Cooper (assisted escapees)
Geordie Nicol (assisted escapees)(prepared documents)
Sergt. McDougall (3rd Hussars)(assisted escapees)(prepared documents)
Charlie Kober (assisted escapees)(prepared documents)(Gothic scriptor)
Bill Jones (3rd Hussars)(assisted escapees)(made official stamps for forged papers)(wood carver)
Steve Young (Aussie)
Ted Paton (Aussie)
"Topper" Brown (escape committee)
Badgie Opie (escapee)(tunnelling engineer)
Sam Floyd (escapee)(tunnelling engineer)
Alan Clarke (digger)
Alan Wiggins (Man of confidence)
Bill Baxter (escape committee)
Ivan Stevens (Chief Scout Club member)(assisted in escapes)
Major Brook Moore (Aussie M.O.)(assisted in escapes)
Sergt. H.G. MacKay (K.R.R.C.)(assisted in escapes)(tailor)
Corpl. Ben Woolsey (Kiwi gunner)(assisted in escapes(tailor)
Jack Hamer (assisted in escapes)(Made maps)
Ted Hardman (Black Watch)(assisted in escapes)(made maps)
Jimmy Davies (assisted in escapes)(made compasses)
Geordie Nicol (assisted in escapes)(forged documents)
Tom Hodges (photographer)(assisted in escapes)
S/Sergt. Thomas (M.I. room Chief)(assisted in escapes)
Geoff Hosking (Aussie)(escapes enthusiast)
John Hamilton (assisted in escapes)
Sergt.-Major Baxter (assisted in escapes)
Eddie Ramage (escapee)
Bill Hake (escapee)
Eric Domini (escapee)(16th man in the Spring Handicap)
Jimmy Davies
Chief Middlemore (escape committee)
Tuggle Heath (tunneller)
Phil Meikle (tunneller)
Corpl. Alan Morrison (A.I.F.)(tunneller)
Fred Stuckey (Kiwi)(tunneller)
W/O Tadeusz Baronowski (Russian/Polish Officer and Battle of Britain pilot)(tunneller)
George Beeson (escapee)(dressed up as German Feldwebel)
Ginger Suggit (escapee)(dressed up as German Felwebel)
Lennard and Wilkinson (escapees)(caught at Munich)
Tuggles Heath
Slim Somerville (Kiwi)(escapee)(teamed up with guerillas in Greece before capture)
Old Mac "MacKenzie) (Stalag 383 camp leader)
Doug Farley (attempted escape by posing as a French pow)
Topper Brown (attempted escape by posing as a French pow)
George beeson (attempted escape by posing as a French pow)
Ted Hardman (attempted escape by posing as a French pow)
Ned Lynch (assisted in escape attempts)
Bob Jordan (assisted in escape attempts)
Steve Young (Aussie)(escapee)
Ted Paton (Aussie)(escapee)
B.S.M. Flood

Escape Routes:
Hut 39 Eight Company
Hut 1 Nine Company
Latrine (watchtower)
Two Company Spaniards room
One Company
Six Company (washhouse)
Room 263 Five Company

Perpetual Escapees:
Fred Stuckey (Hut 201)
Ginger Suggit (Hut 201)
George Beeson (Hut 201)
Archie McKee (Hut 201)
Bert Howe (Hut 201)
Bob Jordan (Hut 201)
Ned Lynch (Hut 201)
Ted Hardmann (Hut 201)
Alex Shelton (Hut 201)
Les Murname (Hut 170)
Eddie Ramage (Hut 170)
Jock Ryan (Hut 170)
"Winton"/"Darwin" Ryan (Hut 170)
Fred Courtney (Hut 170)
Bob Wilkie (Hut 170)
Hughie Grieg (Hut 170)
Sid Buttons (Hut 170)
Bill Hake (Hut 170)
Ted Ainslow (Hut 170)
Lofty Williams (Aussie)(Hut 171)
Eric Domini (Hut 171)
Percy Sekine (Hut 171)
Dick Pacey (Hut 171)
Geoff Spence (Hut 171)
Henry Hall (Hut 171)
Tuggles Heath (Hut 171)
Bill Opie (Hut 171)

Wire Cutters:
Tim Madden (helper)
Michael McCallen (awarded the B.E.M. for his attempts)
Paddy McKenna
John MacKay
Bill Baxter
Geoff Hosking
Jack Hamer
Alan Clarke
Eddie Ramage
Reg Stacey
Geoff Spence (Kiwi)
Dick Pacey

Other People:
Mr. Eric Berg (Swedish Y.M.C.A.)
Duncan Sandys
Charles Loebel (Jewish musician and composer)
Captain France
Wally Whitehead (Scottish/French helped escapees)
Marcel, John, Charlie and Morris (French pows)

Germans/Jerries/the Huns:
Toadstool (guard)
Mr. Moto (guard)
The Jeep (guard)
Herr Hauptmann (guard)
Powder Puff (Strafe officer)
"Hamburg Harry" (Stalag civvie rackateer died in airraid March 1945)
"Chisel" Hempel (guard)
"Smiler" (posten with anti-war views)
Security Officer Blum
Anna (factory worker)(helped in an escape attempt)(had a son who died on The Bismark)
Gertrude and "Hairpin" (factory owners)
Catholic Sisters (hospital workers)
Sandra (Polish)(factory worker)









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