War Photos


Whilst surfing the web for information to help me identify my father's war photos, I came across these photos. They are not all from World War 2.






In the desert war, the Aussies had time to sing and dance ....

... And the Germans had time to kip!


"What do you mean - look down the barrel to check if its clean?!"

Those pistol packin' Jerries!

Must be Vorsprung Durch Teknik ... I guess


German innovation


Cactus Juice

Aparently it was a best seller in America!

Billy Bragg farts again!



Desert Office


Cool fashions?


They forgot the seat.

"Speak up Chaps ... I can't hear you above the drone of those Stukas!"

Beats sitting in the mud ... I guess!


"Well, no wonder we are lost ... The map has been blanked out! ...
Considerate of the lads in the War Department I say!"

Early camcorder?



The British brewed up whatever they were doing!


Gives new meaning to ... Take aim!

Exposed or what?!


Wow that's a BIG gun!






Baseball anyone?!

Nice military rucksack!


Camcorder of the millenium ... even Flipper can use one!

Japan's secret weapon ... Medusa!




Music : When You're Smiling




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