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Wartime Memories Project: Stalag 383

Stalag 383 Inmates

Experiences of POWs

Stalag 18A

Stalag 18A Inmates and other info.

John Thomas Murray

National Ex-Prisoner of War Association

The British Royal Legion

Commandos and Special Forces in North Africa and beyond

Life inside an Italian PoW camp (Libya and Italy)


German Prisoner of War Camps in Britain:

List of Camps


Read about what it was like for a German pow in Britain, altercations between German and Russian pows in the camps, reactions to the pows by local populations, the grand plan by the pows to capture London, and the extraordinary case of Fallschirmjäger Obergefreiter Hans Teske who still remains a PoW to this day!

Life for a German PoW in England


Read about German pow escape attempts and life at a British camp for a German pow:
(written in English only)

Island Camp/Camp 198/Special Camp XI


Other camps:

Moota Camp

Eden Camp

The Eden Camp held Italian pows from 1942-1944 and German pows from 1944-1948. It is now a Special museum depicting camp life and other aspects of World War 2.

Harperley Camp

Also now a museum.



Other Camps:

The Soviet special camp No.7 / No. 1 1945 - 1950

Lamsdorf (Stalag VIII B, Stalag 318/VIII F and Stalag 344):
What happened to it 1945-1946/Lambinowice

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Items for Study:

Operation Merkur







For those who died in World War 2:





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