Barbed Wire
Memories of Stalag 383


Why this Site?

I have been trying to find information on my father's wartime exploits in North Africa and Greece, and also about his time in the prisoner of war camps, Stalag 18A at Wolfberg, Stalag 18B at Spittal Drau, and Stalag 383 at Hohenfels.

Amongst his photos and papers I came across a battered copy of the book Barbed Wire: Memories of Stalag 383.

Several decendants of the prisoners would like to read this book to find out a little about the life that their fathers or grandfathers experienced during the time that they were a prisoner of war, but the book is now out of print and copies of it are rare.

This site is solely a transcript of the book.


Why is the Site housed on a German webserver?

The book Barbed Wire was conceived and written in Stalag 383. Although my copy of it was published in London in 1947, it originated in 1943 at the camp at Hohenfels in Germany. It therefore seems fitting that the transcript should be housed where it was 'born'.


Barbed Wire: Memories of Stalag 383 ... the eBook

In time, the transcript may be available as a PDF download.








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